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Recently I wrote an article on creating and living a data culture. You can find the first article, which defines what a data culture is? And enlists attributes of such a culture. In the sequel, I focused on those attributes and discussed those pillars of a data culture.

After a couple of days, a connection of mine, Grainne Delaney, reached out to me and said, Chan, it is a great article, even with an art background, I can understand it, but I have a question for you.

How do you go about training those people that have an ‘intuitive’ mindset…

What are the some of the over hyped terms and what do they mean?

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What does all these buzz word mean and how are they relevant for you?

In the article, I have tried to elaborate in very few words what do these terms such as AI, ML, DL and Data Science mean. Right from mimicing the human behavior to applying AI to get the value for the businesses. To read more on human and AI working together, read this article on collaborative intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI aims at making computers capable to mimic human intelligence.

Programs that can sense, learn, reason, and adapt come under the area of AI

Algorithms that mimic human intelligence and…

Data-Driven Culture can make your business stand out and become a front runner.

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This article considers what a data culture is, how you can make your employees and business live such a culture? and how being data-driven and living a data culture helps your business become the front-runner?


Being data-driven is critical to succeeding in today’s world. When an organization exercises a “data-driven” approach, it makes strategic choices based on data analysis and interpretation. Such an approach facilitates companies to experiment and organize their data with the goal of better serving their customers, employees, and improving their operations. …

Data-Driven Culture can make your business stand out and become a front runner

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This article details the five pillars of a data culture. Furthermore, I conclude the article with the data monetization so that you can contextualize it for your business once you hop on to a data-driven culture endeavor. In part 1 of this series, we discussed what a data culture is, how you can make your employees and business live such a culture? and how being data-driven and living a data culture helps your business become the front-runner?

5 Pillars of a data-driven business:

A Data-driven organization must display the following attributes and build up their data culture based on the following 5 pillars:

  1. All Decision making…

What are the options out there for you to become a data scientist?

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Whether you have been into the data science field or just entering, I believe you will significantly benefit from this article in many ways. We first outline the importance of the data science field, then we discuss different types of organizations, highlighting the importance of being data-driven. Then we talk about the demand of data scientists, and their skills; emphasizing the dynamicity of the field and the need for continuous learning. Then we dive deep into different routes available for you to become a data scientist or take your skills to the next level.

Automating different steps of the ML Lifecycle

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Auto AI or AUTO ML (or even Automated Data Science) is an active area of research in academia, and in the industry. The cloud vendors promote some or the other form of AutoML services. Similarly, Tech unicorns also offer various AutoML services for their platform users. In addition, many different open source projects are available, providing interesting new approaches. But what is Auto AI, and what does AutoML mean?

AutoAI utilizes training of features in a sophisticated way to automate most of the complicated and time-costly tasks in the whole machine learning pipeline in general but, more specifically, the feature…

Agile can help you deal with today’s business complexities.

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Work space complexity and agility:

Work environment and work spaces in today’s world are not like the ones which our fathers and forefathers had. A lot has changed and it has been consistently changing throughout the years. However, Covid-19 has changed it radically, resulting in most of the jobs being done remotely, if not all.

All these changes together with the advancements in technology landscape result in altering and in fact ever increasing complexity of workspace for many of us. We will discuss some of those changes and challenges in this blog and will preesent a way to deal with them.

There are many challenges…

Things that keep us from blogging

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Blogging is powerful, healthy and yet time consuming activity right?

Blogging is powerful, healthy and yet time consuming activity right?This is what you have been thinking all the time, and let me tell you that you are not alone. I among many other bloggers have been in the same benches before — unless one day it made us think that we need to act __ and that was to start writing__ even if it looks bad, it will encourage you to write first and improve it our time.

Do not wait, just start writing and keep writing. You can build the momentum slowly.

Writing is like any other skill, it…

Do not stop sharing your experience, and your knowledge

Get yourself noticed and publish your articles in this great publication…

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We write about Science, Employment, Arts, Healthcare, Industry and everything that you would like to write about

See some of the examples below

1. Modern Science and Human Body. # Shahid Hamed Gil

Shahid Hamid Gill

2. On Earth Day #Julia E Hubbel

Julia E Hubbel

3. Impact of Corona on World’s Economy #Tanweer Ahmed

Tanweer Ahmed.

4. Write your obituary #Denise Shelton

Denise Shelton

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Understanding Industry 4.0

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In this blog, I will post my views and write about latest technology trends mostly related to the concepts and advancements in Industry 4.0 revolution which we are all witnessing and passing through irrespective of the fact that some of us are aware about it, and some let it go unnoticed. Now, it’s completely up-to you to notice it, see it, learn about it and experience it or just close your eyes like pigeons (doves) and believe that Industry 4.0’s can’t see you.

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